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An Oregon man bumping into the tip of his car antenna drove the metal rod up his nose and into the brain.

"It's the weirdest thing you've ever seen or heard of," Troy Harding, who managed to pull himself free reported.

Harding (19), told doctors he was turning away from the car when about 4" of the antenna on his car poked right into the nose, all the way up.

The antenna, with the little metal ball at the tip, pierced his sinus, entered the brain and hit his pituitary gland. He lost about 8 ounces of blood.

Harding has been in the hospital since the May 29 accident and will have to stay until he can stand again. Currently, he reported, standing gives him a headache.

"He's lucky not to have wiped anything out," said Dr. Ray Grewe, a neurosurgeon.

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