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Elderly woman found Tuesday impaled by wrought-iron fence with the metal rod protruding through her mouth.

The 70 year old, unidentified woman, apparently fell onto the fence, said city fire spokesman Brian Humphrey.

"The fence is three feet high and she was impaled under her jaw with the fence prong exiting through her mouth," said city fire spokesman Brian Humphrey. "She appeared to have stumbled and fallen."

No one had the woman seen fall and she may have been there as long as 30 minutes before she was discovered at about 3:30 p.m.

"She was conscious and alert, but dressed in a slip or house dress of some sort and didn't have any identification on her. She was relatively cooperative, considering her predicament."

He said paramedics used the cutting tool called the "jaws of life" to cut the rod from its base, leaving about a foot of it still piercing her jaw. Then the paramedics stabilized her and offered her comfort and reassurance while cutting the fence with the hydraulic tool.

The woman was listed in serious but stable condition at Northridge Hospital Medical Center where she was taken with the prong in place.

"That's the standard procedure," Humphrey said. "The doctors will decide how best to remove the prong."

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